Mosaic Wall Hangings
Mosaic Tropical Fish...$30

This fish is made on 1/4" MDF (Medium
Density Fiberboard).  I drew a pattern
on the board and then used a jigsaw to
cut it out.  I would recommend this for
inside use only.  I can also make it using
plywood which would hold up better
outside.  All of the stained glass is hand
cut and grouted with black grout.  The
eye of the fish is a solid black glass
nugget.  The piece has been sealed with
grout sealer and it has a sawtooth hanger
on the back for hanging.  It measures
around 11"X10".
Flower Power Butterfly...$60

This unique piece is made on 1/4" MDF.  I love the colors and
the black grout really makes everything "pop".  The main color of
the butterfly is a light pink, with blue swirls, and on the very
tips of the wings is a light green glass.  I hand cut all the glass
from sheets of stained glass and the grout has been sealed.  The
back has 2 sawtooth hangers and has been painted black.  The
top width of the butterfly is 20", bottom width is 13 1/2", and
the height is around 11".  
Mosaic Butterfly
This features pink stained glass tile
background with orange flowers and aqua
swirls.  Grout color is black.
Yellow Flower Butterfly...$60
Background on this butterfly is a bright yellow...each
Grout is black.
Fleur de le...$35

Wooden plaque...edges and
back are painted black.  All
glass is hand cut from sheets
of stained glass.  Grouted in
black and sealed for

measures around 12 1/2 X 14
1/2.  I found a  beautiful rose
plate for this project and
matched it with pink and mint
green stained glass.  The wood
and grout are white.   Very of a kind mirror.
Flower Mosaic Mirror...$30

A wooden, plain frame comes to life with this winding flower
mosaic pattern.  I hand cut all the tiles and designed a cute
trailing flower pattern around the mirror.  The flowers are pink
with yellow centers, green tile for the vines and leaves, baby
blue tile fill in the background.  The white grout has been
sealed and the white paint has been varnished.  This measures
11 1/4" X 9 1/4" and it comes with a 5X7" mirror.  The mirror can
be taken out in place of a picture.  Click on image for close ups...
Mosaic Plaques...$18 each

These mosaic wooden plaques
measure 5 1/2" X 7 1/2".  They
feature a sawtooth hanger in
the back .  Both have
blue/lavender stained glass for
the background.  The wood and
grout have been sealed.  
Mosaic Flowers..$18 each

Measures 8" round
Wooden base
Pink stained glass and
white center on one...the
other features purple glass
in center
Mosaic Tree Mirror....$45

Wall mirror with lots of
Measures around 11" X 9"
The mirror can come out
and be replaced with a