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Happy New Year!! :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year! December was a pretty busy month. Some commission work and gifts for my family were taking a lot of my time. Finally I'm back in the swing of things and thought I would post some new pieces. This was a pretty cool commission. It's etched sun catchers that will be going into a home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

This piece was made for my husband to remind him of our sunsets in Florida. It's a glass on glass mosaic measuring 8"X10"...I even threw in some shells we collected.

I made this piece for my youngest son who is a big Roger Federer fan. It was a bit tricky since it only measures 5X7", but I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

Final piece is a mosaic Jordan shoe...Bulls Over Broadway. This was made for my oldest son who collects sneakers...he thought it was pretty cool. ;) Measures 5X7"

Check back soon for more posts...will be heading up to the studio this week!

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